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Why Hire Us

Why Hire Us

Why Hire Morphe Home Staging & Design?

Morphe Home Staging & Design excels at focusing on the details of each project to make a cohesive design that is unique to each client’s personal style. There are many reasons why opting for the DIY route can be a poor choice for your space, and your sanity when renovating, redecorating, or starting a design from scratch. A professional interior designer will ensure the success of your project. Our Houston interior designers are extensively trained and experienced to handle every type of project, from single room remodels to entire homes. Their minds operate in a creative space that inexperienced people often struggle with, so they’re in a much better position to conceive exciting projects. Plus, they have the training and expertise to plan and execute these projects effectively.

Not only do interior designers understand how to bring your ideas and unique style to the forefront. They know how to interpret your desires and develop authentic designs that you probably wouldn’t achieve otherwise. They simplify large-scale design projects and are skilled at every phase of the design process. An interior designer also knows how to achieve the desired aesthetic while sticking within a set budget, which untrained homeowners usually struggle with the most.

By hiring our Houston interior design company, you gain their immense knowledge of how to design a space to be both functional and beautiful. They can identify pain points of a space and develop creative solutions in no time. There probably isn’t any design problem they haven’t faced before, and they’ll be ready with numerous options to tackle a difficult space. Morphe Home Staging & Design works with clients in different stages. We have exceptional visualizing skills, allowing us to execute the project seamlessly. We believe in designing a home where every aspect coexists in harmony for an elegant and sophisticated appeal. Whether you’re looking to redesign your outdated dining room, want to give your living room a serene appeal, or want a creative designer, Morphe Home Staging & Design can help you design your dream house.

Benefits Of Hiring Us For Design

Save Money

Undeniably, embarking on the journey of redesigning or remodeling your home is exhilarating as well as taxing. From knowing the right home improvement changes to figuring out the most appealing color scheme and selecting furniture that fits your space, it is a challenging task. And if not done carefully, it can be costly too. However, when you work with a professional interior designer like us, we offer a service that ensures the best value for the renovation dollars you spend on your home.

Get the Right Professional Assessment

The first step of the process when designing an interior space is a consultation, either online or at our firm, to introduce ourselves and get to know your tastes and goals for the space. This is the most crucial part of the process since without this step, we’re working in the dark about what you want your space to look like and what features are most important to you. We’ll ask some important questions, soak in all of your feedback, and get on board with your initial ideas before we start to flush out a full concept. We’ll also discuss your budget and settle on the scope of your design project.

Inspirational Development & Design Schematic

During phase two, we’ll get to work on an initial visual concept of your home that makes it easier to visualize your ideas and develop a clearer picture of the project. This is an important step since we need to confirm the overall direction of your design, especially during a new construction project. This visual concept of your home helps us narrow down the architectural elements, furniture placement, and flow of your home for the detailed design.

This is where we dive into the nitty gritty of your home’s design. With your collaboration every step of the way, we’ll develop a detailed, complex design schematic that nails down every little detail of your space, from paint colours on the walls to flooring type and general layout of the space. This is both a tactile and visual process since texture is as important as colour. We’ll choose tiles, curtains, colours, cabinets, furnishings, furniture, and so much more depending on the scale of your project.

Benefits Of Hiring Us For Short Term Rental (STR) Design

#1: Time

Hiring an interior designer is going to save you a tremendous amount of time and energy. I’m sure you are a busy person and you just don’t have the time to come up with a design plan and do all that shopping. Our sole focus as your designer will be to turn your space into something your guests will love and talk about so that you can focus on your own daily agenda. We will create the perfect design plan for your space, do research on furniture and accessories, shop and source for all the items you need and more!

#2: Knowledge

Interior designers have a wide range of knowledge in this field. They have a fantastic understanding of space and layout. Designers are trained to understand how to arrange a space so that it is functional and to the correct scale. Designers have the ability to put colors together in a way that looks professional and planned. They are knowledgeable on design styles and what types of furniture fit those styles. They can also have a great understanding of paint, countertops, flooring, fabric and so much more! Our designer knowledge will help when it comes to style and even your budget.

#3: Increased Property Value

Not only will hiring an interior designer increase the overall value to your property, it will also help you get a much higher nightly rate! If you want your property to earn more money, having a professional designer come in will do just that. People will be willing to pay more for a space that looks fresh and inviting.

#4: More Bookings!

When people go on vacation they want to feel like they are on vacation. People tend to seek out properties that look put together and trendy. They want to stay in a place that really stands out from the rest. If your property looks just like everyone else’s your chances of getting booked are going to be much lower. Put yourself in your guest’s shoes. What kind of property would you be looking for when going on vacation?

People also love posting on their social media when they are on vacation, so why not make your property Instagram worthy? If you have a space that people are excited about, they will want to take photos there and share them with their friends and the world. Word of mouth is HUGE and can really help you keep your property booked.

This is why hiring an interior designer can really help to get your listing over all the others booked.

#5: Save Money

Ok I know what you might be thinking, how am I going to save money when I have to pay someone for design services. But by hiring a designer it can help you avoid costly mistakes. You won’t have to worry about buying the wrong sized sofa or creating a layout that just doesn’t fit in your space. Or even buying the wrong paint color for your room. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your designer is taking care of all those little details.

#6: Long Lasting Results

Durability is super important when it comes to short term rentals. Things can get spilled on, stains can happen, and things can break. We will assist with things such as finding the right types of linens to put on the beds, being they will need to be washed often! We can help you get those long lasting results so that you don’t need to spend too much on supplies in the future.

Benefits Of Hiring Us For Home Staging

Industry Expertise

As an established design and home staging company, we know this industry inside out. We are aware of what buyers look for when buying and investing in homes. We help highlight those unique features that help you sell a property quickly at the maximum price.

Attention to Details

While home staging, attention to details is critically important. We pay special attention to even minor details to give a refreshing look and welcoming vibes to your space.

Quality Workmanship

No matter the project size, we never compromise on our workmanship quality. We ensure to emphasize and highlight your property’s strengths and suppress weaknesses so that buyers focus only on the prominent features.

One Stop Staging Company​

We offer discounted professional photography add-ons to any of our staging packages.

Everybody wants to sell their home fast and want as much money as possible. Good quality listing photos can have a shocking impact. For instance, homes with high quality photographs sell 35 %  faster. It is very important to maximize the exposure to draw the attention of customers towards your house. Along with the staging, quality photos play a very important role in forming the first impression of the buyer while viewing homes and these pictures attract the buyer towards your house.

Property Transformation for Buyers

We transform your property’s appearance and feel for the buyers because we know what buyers want when searching for their ideal property.

Honest and Transparent

In our business approach and communications, we believe in honesty and transparency. We keep you updated about the progress and don’t do any such thing which hurts our and our client’s integrity.

Affordable Pricing

We offer a variety of affordable staging packages and terms to accommodate your home staging needs so that you don’t feel stressed or burdened. Don’t waste more time waiting for potential buyers. Get in touch with our professional home stagers in Houston, TX, and sell your home fast!