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What Does Home Staging Cost?

What Does Home Staging Cost?

Did you know a well-staged home sells 88 percent faster than a non-staged home?
Home staging is a common process of decorating a house to entice potential buyers who seem counterintuitive. Real estate experts emphasize home staging to make a faster sale. That means if your broker suggests you staging, know that it is typically well worth the efforts.
But what does home staging cost you? Here is a rundown to help you decide whether it is worth investing in for you. Let’s begin with the basics;

Home Staging- Why it is Important

Staging is much more than just adding a few vases and pluming pillows. In fact, it involves understanding which buyers will pay the best price and staging the house, so it appeals to them.
In essence, when you hire a professional stager, he/she blends interior design skills with effective real estate marketing tactics. The primary purpose is to transform a house into a showcase that appeals to a large pool of potential buyers.

What does Home Stages Cost You

It’s possible for home staging quotes to cost a few hundred dollars, but some others may cost up to thousands.

So, how to estimate the cost?

To break down this cost, you can divide it into major types of projects: owner-occupied homes and vacant homes.

Staging Cost of Vacant Homes

Vacant homes, in general, are more expensive when it comes to staging. It is simply because your home stager needs to bring in all the décor and furniture. This is where the monthly rental charges come in. You pay to rent the stager-owned décor and design by the room.
Keep in mind that staging costs may increase based on the number of rooms you want to decorate and how long you need to keep the furniture and décor in place. Also, add the moving expenses and consultation fees for the décor.
The average cost of staging is $300 to $500 for a design consultation. But if you opt for luxury staging, staging cost starts around $1,000 to $15,000 for even smaller homes with less square footage. The price may go up to $8,000 to $10,000 for luxury homes that have significantly large floor plans.

Staging Cost of Owner-occupied

Staging an owner-occupied home is a different story. It is because most stagers prefer using the existing décor and furniture of the homeowner to do the task. Plus, it has room to cut out the transportation and rental costs that is a significant money-saver.
Put simply, staging a lived-in home is relatively less expensive. But it is not always the case. Since the home stager needs to style the rooms and your stuff in the appropriate way, he/she charges you per hour for expensive and extra labor.

Summing Up

All in all, home staging may sound costly, but if you’re already paying for the monthly bills of a vacant home, it is better to invest in staging. It allows buyers to envision how beautiful your home can look with tasteful décor and increases its chances to sell.
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