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Trending Interior Design Ideas 2022

Trending Interior Design Ideas 2022

Whether you want are moving into a new house or thinking of giving your living spaces a makeover, you are likely looking for new design ideas and trends. At Morphe Home Staging, we are here to get you up to speed on what is trending this year.

Organic and Sustainable

After spending a long time indoors during the pandemic, everyone is trying to spend time outdoors as much as possible. But another remarkable shift is bringing the outdoors in! Homeowners want to add natural and organic elements to their interiors. Nature continues to inspire professional interior designers in Houston and Katy, Texas. From sustainable materials, like solid wood, bamboo and linen to hues of green, blue, and brown, there is a massive shift towards organic homes in all facets of living and workspaces.

Bold and Black

Bold pops of black are appearing everywhere blended with an overall neutral color scheme.  A bold black accent in a vase, rug, cushion or work of art can easily become the focus in a neutral room with natural elements. The black and white theme has always been timeless and will remain prominent this year.

That 70’s Vibe

While many people are shifting to natural and neutral, others want to add life to their spaces with the good ol’ 70s vibe. After spending a long, boring time indoors, homeowners want to invite some playfulness into their homes with funky elements, such as curved couches, and fun pops of vibrant color.


Continuing the fun 70’s vibe are prints! Post-pandemic, it seems our artistic side wants to come out of the hiding as well. Expect to see bright florals, abstract designs, even hints of classic baroque on the walls of houses or even the upholstery. For more ideas on home and interior design in Houston, Katy, and surrounding areas in Texas, get in touch with professional interior design consultation company, Morphe Home Staging at 281-826-6744 or write to
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