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Interior Design Inspiration 2023


Interior Design Inspiration 2023


From double kitchen islands to a focus on wellness, here’s a look at what interior designers envision for the next year.

Meaningful Objects

The objects we place around ourselves can shift our mood. An increasing number of homeowners now want to prioritize joy and be authentic. From your granny’s hand-sewn quilt to your childhood shell collection – whatever brings peace and joy to your living space is on trend.

Go Organic

In keeping with the love for authenticity, earthy, organic shapes and colors will be popular in 2023. Expect softer forms, such as curves, and nature-inspired elements within living spaces. Objects made with metal and rocks could be used for visual complexity.

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Bold Countertops

Bold marble is becoming a statement piece in many kitchens. If you want to add some drama and focus to your kitchen, look for marble in bolder colors, and unique veining.


Sleek Appliances

People now want their appliances to be sleek and efficient to compliment the bolder countertops and islands.

Twin Islands

Conventional kitchens are quickly giving way to modern kitchens with larger islands, and even two kitchen islands. If you have enough kitchen space, double islands can help create more entertaining and gathering space in the kitchen.

Coffee Beyond the Kitchen

Enjoy your favorite brew wherever you are in your house. Homeowners are now adding coffee machines to spaces outside the kitchen, like home offices and home theaters.

space in the kitchen

Focus on Wellness

From building a home spa to designing a meditation corner, design is becoming more wellness oriented post-pandemic.The trend will continue in 2023. Transform your spaces with design elements that promote self-care and well-being.

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