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Home Staging or Virtual Staging?

HomeStaging or Virtual Staging?

Home Staging or Virtual Staging?

HomeStaging or Virtual Staging?

Have you noticed virtual staging ads online and wondered if would be a good fit for your real estate listings?

What is Virtual Staging?

Virtual staging involvesediting or ‘virtuallystaging’ a property’s photos (not the property!) with the help of photo editing software. When people feel that virtual staging is more affordable than hiring a professional home stager, little do they about the problems with that choice. You may think you are saving money with virtual home staging, but you would actually lose more.

Is Virtual Staging really less expensive?

Buyers like to see‘real home staging’ and not digital. If you are looking for the highest return on investment for your sellers, here are many reasons why virtual home staging is not right for your listings.

Potential buyers search and look up listings online before they visit a home. This means the more impressive your photos are, the higher is the likelihood of the buyer moving to the next step of checking the property in person.

Not only do virtually staged photos look inauthentic, buyers will be disappointed when they discover how different the house looks, compared to the photos. Seeing a vacant home will ruin their first impression.

Another disadvantage of virtual staging is that of scale. Digital staging may put more and larger furniture in a room creating an illusion of the space being bigger than what it is. Buyers may feel deceived when they visit the vacant home for a showing and discover the truth.

An edited photo can never match the impact of the firsthand experience of how the space looks and would function when the buyers see authentic photos and visit a physically staged home.

Professional home stagerscan give the potential buyers a true vision of how the spaces connect with each other and how they could function for their family.

In addition, virtual staging often eliminates the flaws of a listing which creates a false impression. At the showing, buyers may only notice the differences, make a lower offer, or even dismiss the listing.

Home staging can authentically portray the uniqueness of a listing, making the potential buyer explore the spaces, envisioning how they would use each space than they would in a vacant home– giving them time to form better impressions and increase the odds of making an offer.

Overall, home staging works out to be more cost-effective than virtual staging where you may have to stage twice when you do not get results with virtual staging.

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