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Home Staging– 7 Best Practices from Professional Home Stagers


Home Staging– 7 Best Practices from Professional Home Stagers

It’s a proven fact that staging a house is one of the best investments you can make to improve its sale value. Home staging showcases the possibilities a house offers to a potential buyer and that is why staged homes sell faster and at higher prices than non-staged ones. Regardless of your budget, these home staging best practices can help you leave an impact on the prospective buyer and get you what your house deserves.

Declutter and Clean

This one is a no-brainer, really. Decluttering is the first thing to do in home staging. Clutter distracts the buyers and makes the living spaces appear smaller than they are. Some of us have too much ‘stuff’. Decluttering each room allows potential buyers to envision themselves in the property and opens the possibilities the property has to offer. For example, free up surface space on shelves and tables. Use storage units and containers to organize things in the kitchen or the closet. updated1   No buyers would like to buy a place that looks neglected. A clean, uncluttered home feels welcoming, allowing potential buyers to visualize themselves living in that home. Even if you do not hire a home staging professional, make sure your home is clean, clutter and odor-free.

Color the Walls

Freshly painted walls in the right color can make your rooms look brighter, and give your homea warm, welcoming appearance. updated2 Even ifyou love dark or bright paint or wallcovering, experts recommend you stick to neutral, light reflecting colors to create a space-enhancing feel for the buyer.

Give the kitchen and bathroom a makeover

The kitchen and bathrooms may need more than just decluttering and cleaning. updated 3 Consider a remodel. A new kitchen or bathroom is a clear sign that the house has been updated. It often pays for more than the costs. Sometimes a complete remodel may not be needed, simply painting the kitchen cabinets may make a world of difference.

Change Room Layouts

updated 4 Before staging, consider changing room layouts, especially the living room. Stage a room to look its best, in neutral tones, in a way that makes it look spacious but nor empty. Let go of excess furniture or accessories.

Stage for comfort

People look for comfort in a house. Unlike the pre-pandemic times when most potential buyers looked for open concept living, many people are now looking for privacy and space to work from home or online learning. updated5

Use color to add personality

Along with a neutral palette, adash of color in pillows or wall art can act as a pleasant surprise for the buyer. If you are not sure, know thatmost people prefer blue. It is a good idea to add some bright colors, especially in the outdoors, for a Summer staging.

What to avoid in Home Staging

Knowing what to avoid is as important as knowing what to use in home staging. Avoid metallic accents. They may make your space look cheap. updated6 Avoid faux plants and use real ones to make the house look like a home. Avoid pictures or any items that reflect the personality of the existing owner. That may put off a potential buyer if they can’t visualize themselves in the house. So, put away family portraits and hang neutral wall art instead. To learn more about how much home staging costs in Houston, Katy, and surrounding areas in Texas, get in touch with the premium home staging and interior design consultation company, Morphe Home Staging at 281-826-6744 or write to
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