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Choose sustainable designs for short-term rentals. Read on to learn more.

Earth Day: Here is Why Sustainable Design is Important

Earth day is near, on 22nd April 2023, which is a day that reminds us about the importance of choosing sustainability over everything. Remember that sustainability is not limited to boycotting products that endanger wildlife. You can also choose the sustainable option for your short-term rental designs. So, if you plan to design your rental space, opt for sustainable designs.

What is Sustainable Design?

A sustainable design helps eliminate negative environmental impacts. The goal of sustainable designs is:

  • Create healthy environments
  • Minimize waste
  • Decrease the consumption of non-renewable resources

Why is Sustainability Important in Interior Design?

Sustainability plays a great role in interior design. Short-term rental property owners can build eco-friendly designs using recycled building materials and designs. Thermal and energy modeling can make a space more comfortable by increasing energy efficiency and improving indoor air quality because of the passive heating, cooling, and ventilation design.  

Besides providing you with quality indoor air, it offers natural light in the space that reduces energy bills, saving a handful of money yearly. It will also impress your guests because of your thoughtful designs. Designers who consider sustainability also ensure to determine effective and efficient use of the room. This way, you get ample space that you can use for several purposes.

One benefit of these designs is that they offer environmentally healthy space that ensures energy efficiency and provides comfort. Remember that choosing a sustainable interior design for short-term rental improves your reputation and image. Hence, you can expect to get excellent reviews and feedback for your property as well as might get repeated clients that will be more than happy to pay your asked price.

Materials Commonly Used In The Sustainable Design

If you plan to create sustainable designs for your short-term rental property, your designer will probably use the following materials.

Recycled Steel

This reduces energy, emissions, and waste when extracting the coal, iron, and limestone used for creating the material.

Sheep’s Wool

It is an amazing material that is sustainable and a renewable resource.

Reclaimed Wood

It will help you reduce the demand for reclaimed wood if you choose to use it.


They are easily available and grow back quickly in 3 to 5 years. Bamboo is also biodegradable, eco-friendly, and antibacterial if not chemically processed.

Hemplime or Hempcrete

This material combines lime, water, and hemp shiv to create a concrete-like material that is durable, breathable, strong, fire-resistant, flexible, and mold-proof. 

Organic Cotton

This material is grown without herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers. They are super beneficial for your health and environment.


It’s a textile material that is made by matting and condensing fibers. It is a completely biodegradable and low-impact material. Designers use it for making furniture and drapes.


Designers use jute for various purposes. They are great because jute can grow in 4 to 6 months. The best part is that they absorb carbon dioxide and releases oxygen faster than other materials.

Straw Bales

Interior designers use it because they use little energy to manufacture. Also, it’s a renewable material and is used for bedding.

Bottom Line

Morphe Home Staging can help you design your short-term rental with sustainable products and methods. It is time to consider sustainable designs that also help improve your space.

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