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Airbnb Staging – Keep it Booked!


Airbnb Staging – Keep it Booked!

You probably know that it is pictures that make a guest book your Airbnb over another. Like all online shopping, guests like to check out your Airbnb’s pictures to determine comfort, convenience and safety. So, here are 5 Airbnb staging tips for the perfect pictures that will keep your Airbnb booked all year round.

Let there be light

Poor lighting can be a deal breaker. Illuminate your Airbnb with the right lighting. Take out traditional bulbs and fixtures and replace them with soft LED’s. Mirrors placed opposite windows can amplify natural light and make your spaces appear bigger. A well-lit Airbnb looks welcoming and makes your guests feel safe and cheerful.

Stage for the ideal client

Recall how it feels when you walk into a nice hotel. Your Airbnb should feel like a plush hotel. If you are wondering how you would afford it, know that it can be done without emptying your pockets.

Paint or paper the walls in pastels or neutral colors, keeping your staging or design theme in mind. Add the furniture and accessories your ideal guest would appreciate and not as an afterthought.

Minimalist design themes never fail to win hearts. So, remove bulky furniture or heavy drapery, and reduce clutter.

Display amenities

Let all of the amenities, like luxury bedspreads or the espresso machine, be properly displayed. They are sure to catch the attention of the seasoned traveler and get you more bookings than if they were hidden away.

Stage your Airbnb fully

Some owners only pay attention to the biggest room in their Airbnb. Don’t leave any part of your Airbnb out of your design or staging plan. Highlight each part of your Airbnb listing for a clear purpose in way you can show case its maximum potential.

Hire a photographer

The pictures can make or break your guests’ decision to book your Airbnb. You may save a little money in the short-term by trying to do the photos yourself but it’s no match for a professional photographer’s work and you may lose more when potential buyers don’t book your Airbnb.

A professionally staged and designed Airbnb can improve perceived value, allow you to charge better and get you better return on your investment.

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