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5 Reasons Why Realtors and Sellers Need Home Staging

5 Reasons Why Realtors and Sellers Need Home Staging

With your listings are going under the contract fast in a sellers’ market like Houston right now, you may think you don’t need home staging. The Houston Association of Realtors reported this month, “steady consumer demand drives prices to record highs and inventory back to its historic low.”

But staging is more than just about how fast you sell. A house is most likely your biggest investment and the high sales price you want is easily achievable with professional home staging.

Here are 5 unbeatable reasons why home staging is essential in sellers’ markets like Houston and Katy.

Buyers love staged homes

Professional home staging services use proven design strategies to allow buyers to visualize their future in the home they are considering to buy. They show buyers how they would be able to live a balanced, good life in the new home.

When a buyer loves a home, they are not only likely to buy but also more likely to pay higher. In other words, home staging increases the ‘perceived value’ of a property.

“Natalie was extremely professional and has an excellent eye for rearranging and decluttering a home to prepare it for sale. The value for her services and suggested changes was worth the offers I received, thanks to Morphe Home Staging, this time I had a several offers above my asking price within 48 hours of the first showing!”

-Danielle K. (Home Owner, Thumbtack Review)

Staged listings always close

When homes are going under contract quickly in a sellers’ market, more contracts start falling through. Buyers may feel pressurized to make fast, competitive offers even when they are not in love with the home. Such potential buyers quickly back out on getting a low appraisal or bad inspection. In a hot market, people assume something big is wrong with the property when a contract falls through.

Hot markets are competitive. Let’s say you don’t stage your listing but get it under contract quickly. Meanwhile, another house nearby goes on the market and it is being staged. Both houses may be similar, but the staged one is likely to look as if it came straight out of a magazine. Buyers fall in love and back out of the contract. When the buyer already has an emotional connect with the property, they are much less likely to back out of the contract.

Staged home listings get more views

Most buyers first search for a home online, which means your listing photos have to be stunning. The buyer should already be in love with the home before they even visit. Which do you think would have a better appeal – vacant rooms or a staged home?

Even virtual staging doesn’t cut it because the photos will look great but buyers will see the vacant rooms at the showing.

Home Staging makes homes look just right

Most home buyers are looking for enough space. Skilled professional home stagers can make the spaces appear just right irrespective of the size by using the right furniture and accessories in the right scale. They usually have a wide range of staging inventory and pick the perfect furnishings that complement the style of the home.

Staged homes get better return on investment

RESA reports that staging takes only an average investment of 1% of the sale price but majority of sellers get an ROI of up to 15% over asking price.

Let’s look at an example. For a listing of $600,000, staging investment at 1% will be $6,000.

If sold for 10% over asking, it brings in $60,000 more. Let’s reduce the initial staging investment of $6,000. You still make $54,000 more which is a 900% ROI on your staging investment.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of whether you are selling a home in a seller’s or a buyer’s market, home staging is a smart investment.

In a buyer’s market, you sell more quickly. In a seller’s market, you are going to get top dollar for your listing and minimize the risk of the contract falling through.

To learn more about how much home staging costs in Houston, Katy, and surrounding areas in Texas, get in touch with the premium home staging and interior design consultation company, Morphe Home Staging at 281-826-6744 or write to

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